Money-Saving Car Care Tips After Winter

Care Tips Best Done in Spring

When it’s spring, not too hot or too cold, it’s the best time to have a car care maintenance. Service centers aren’t packed with too many people getting their vehicles checked up. But did you know that this is a misconception of most motorists – most people prepare for winter driving, but forget about spring and summer just because the weather is better. 

Here are the best tips to help you save money.

Get your battery tested because heat is actually harder on your battery than the cold is. A lot of people think during winter time they need to have their battery checked. While that is true, but the heat during summer is actually worse on your battery than the cold.

Spring car checks are about more than the oil. Make sure the belts are in good shape, no chunks missing and they are not glazed. Be sure there are no bubbles in the hoses. Check all fluid levels. Above the hood, check the wipe blades, especially their shapes. 

A simple wash and wax is important after winter. Give your vehicle a great underbody wash. Know that salt from the road gets up inside and underneath the car and it can rust out your vehicle.

Be sure to check all your exterior lights. Your turn signals, brake lights, fog lights, and headlights are working. Other systems to be checked may not seem vital until they stop working. 

Your air conditioning should be working this time of year. 

Another is proper tire inflation. Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can make a big difference in the quality of your ride and the longevity of the tires. Under-inflated tires can impact your fuel economy and wear out the outsides. Over-inflated tires wear out more on the center. Check your sidewalls to make sure there are no bubbles or any kind of damage from hitting potholes. 

Hence, take care of your car so it takes care of you.


Getting Your Car’s Best Maintenance in Spring

After winter time, think about the best maintenance care you can give your car or truck. Visit Greenwood Collision in Seattle and save more money for the year.