Is your car’s paint scratched and stripped from a recent accident? Are you trying to freshen up your car’s look to sell it off for the best price? Or is your car simply getting old, tired, and ready for a new look? Whatever motivates your need for a paint job, Greenwood has you covered.

A car’s finish does more than present a pretty face to the world. It’s also a protective shield to the metal below, keeping water and corrosive agents from eating away at the structure of your vehicle. A scratch can become a rust spot, and a rust spot can turn into an enormous repair bill down the line. This is why you need a good auto repair shop to keep your paint shining.

Why Car Paint Deteriorates

No matter what you do or where you live, your car’s finish is going to break down. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid a collision all your life, you’re still at odds with many natural forces that contribute to the deterioration of car paint. These include:

  • Ultraviolet light from extensive sun exposure
  • Humidity, acid rain, and other sources of moisture
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures, which will expand and contract your paint until it tears itself apart
  • Corrosive salt, either from the ocean or from the road during icy winter months
  • Dirt and grime, particularly if you don’t clean your car regularly

Our auto body shop is proud to provide Seattle with an enormous array of color options for you vehicles. We can produce over 10,000 different tints, hues, and shades, with as much sparkle and pearliness as you could ask for. We also offer your car the latest in chemical advancements for the longevity of its finish. Though the forces of nature may continue to assail you and your vehicle, our paint jobs will last longer and look better throughout the years to come.

Call or visit Greenwood Collision, the car paint experts, to learn more about the affordability of taking years off your vehicle with a total car paint job. We look forward to hearing from you!